Welcome to She's Obsessed formerly known as (Erica Collazo) has always and still is written by Erica aka ME. The name change came when I decided after much consideration that I wanted to come back to the blogging world, I wanted and needed a brand new start, with more of what I bring instead of what others expected of me. That is when She's Obsessed was born. She's Obsessed is a place where I can freely be myself sharing all of my obsessions!

Obsessions include health, hair, working inside and outside home, book, motherhood, fashion, makeup, all my favorite things and so much more. She's Obsessed is literally a place where the possibilities are endless and you will find yourself wondering where has this woman been your entire life. :insert laugh emoji: No seriously, you may or may not relate to some of the things that are shared, but either way it's going to be a fun journey sharing my life with you.

I am a mother of two. My oldest being an 11 going on 28, full of sass but an insanely kind young woman. My youngest is 7 going on who only knows ask him, wild yet creative autistic young man.

Both kids are insanely smart, both love art and music as well. Yes, they have many differences but all in all they're incredibly responsible and amazing kids. Every single day with them is a journey in itself. I think most parents would agree with that.

So brace yourselves it's going to be a one heck of a ride. There will be laughs, there will be tears, there will be new and exciting things that are coming from my life to your screen. I'm incredibly blessed to have you on my life journey with me.