Apple Cinnamon Italian Oats

7:38 AM

I woke up this morning and did my normal get my school run done. Both kids have waffles topped with raspberry sauce. I normally skip breakfast because I make a delicious Lifestyle mix in the morning. 

I get home and instantly I'm feeling hungry for something. You know that feeling when you look in the fridge and wants something breakfastey but not for anything in the fridge.... No??? Well, that's how I felt. I felt like I was being stared down by those delicious looking Gala apples, so I decided I wanted something that had to do with apples. 

But what.....
Did I want pancakes?? No to much mess.... LOL
Did I want waffles topped with apple sauce?? No 
What was I wanting to make with this delicious apple???

I look into my cabinets and there was a canister of Italian Oats and it hit me, it's been so long since I had oatmeal. So my mind was set I wanted Apple Cinnamon Italian Oatmeal. Little did I know it would take about 30 minutes to make until I was making it. hahahahahahaha

I didn't plan on sharing the recipe because I didn't take many pictures but then I thought this is to yummy to NOT share it. So onto the recipe. I started with the Oatmeal because it takes longest to make. 


***I somewhat followed the instructions on the Italian Oatmeal canister.
1 cup Italian Oatmeal
2 Cups of water
2 Cups of milk (I used Almond Milk)

Pour the water and milk into a pot and bring it to a boil.
Once it's boiling slowly pour Oats into the pot. Let it thicken up a little (approx. 5 minutes)
Let it simmer for 30 minutes, occasionally stirring.

So while the oatmeal is on simmer. I work on the apple cinnamon part.

1 Apple; cored and diced.
1 tablespoon of butter
1 tablespoon of brown sugar
1/4 teaspoon of cinnamon

Heat up pan, medium heat. Put butter into the pan and let it melt.
Once it's melted put your apples in and coat them with the butter.
Sprinkle the brown sugar all over the apples and stir them until evenly coated.
Do the same with the cinnamon. I cooked mine like this for 15 minutes then let it simmer until the oatmeal was done.

The rest is completely optional. I like my oatmeal really creamy so I poured some almond milk into my bowl then put oatmeal in there and topped it with my apple cinnamon sauce. It was amazing. You're more than welcome to sweeten up to your liking as most canister oatmeal is pretty bland.

Are you an oatmeal person? 
What's your favorite Apple recipe?


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  1. Never knew there was Italian oatmeal! How is it different than "regular" oatmeal?

    I'm also a fan of almond milk!

  2. Healthy and delicious! I am not a fan of almond milk, but I can take it like this.

    1. I had no idea there was Italian oatmeal! This looks delicious! Apple Cinnamon is my favorite kind of oatmeal!

  3. This is so easy to make. My girls has just started appreciating oatmeal and fruits, so this would be a good addition to their usual. Thanks!

  4. That sounds fabulous! (Though waffles are pretty tempting, too... LOL!) What's the difference with Italian oatmeal, versus, say, Irish or the regular ole rolled or steel oats?

  5. Wow this is so easy to make and my toddlers would go nuts for this!

  6. Looks like a delicious recipe which kids would love so much right away. The combination of apple, cinnamon & oats makes it a healthy food & a easy to try recipe at home.