Laptop Lunchbox Bento-Ware Review

7:24 PM

Laptop Lunches Bento-Ware are designed to pack perfectly portioned lunches whether it be for school, work, travel, play, or anywhere you want! So you don't have to worry about over packing which is great. The containers are completely safe, no BPA, phthalates, or pvc, reusable, recycled, recyclable, easy to clean, waste free, and made in the good ole USA! 

Well it's quite obvious that the schools have not went GMO free yet, so it leaves me to pack Yani's school lunch. Which is fine by me I love the idea that I know what she's eating and how much she is eating. There are even times I let her choose what she wants for lunch, she's a pretty healthy kid so I don't mind her choosing. Below are pics posted of her second week of school, I wanted to get a full week of photo's in. 

Day One:  Applegate Turkey Quesadilla's with organic salsa, Organic Grapes, Stonyfield yogurt, Organic Valley string cheese and Honest kids fruit punch.

Day Two: Annie's cheese pizza, organic sliced apples, Eden's pumpkin seeds, Stonyfield yogurt, and Honest kids apple juice.

Day Three: Applegate hot dog shishkabobs with ketchup, organic carrots, organic strawberries and Honest kids apple juice.

Day Four: Applegate Turkey and Applgegate cheese snadwich bites, sliced organic pickles, organic cheese harvest crackers, stonyfield yogurt, and Honest kids fruit punch.

Day Five: Organic french toast sticks with organic raspberry syrup, heart shaped organic strawberries, organic grapes, stonyfield yogurt and organic valley chocolate milk. 

I honestly love everything about this lunch box, the colors are bright and vibrant, the perfect portion containers and it's so easy to use. I have so much fun packing them in the morning, this week I have been getting very creative with her lunches. I will definitely have more pictures to post soon. I seriously recommend any parent who packs their child's lunch to give these Laptop Lunchboxes a try! 


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  1. That is a pretty neat lunchbox. Do they make them in adult size?

  2. Yes, we do! We've got a wide range to choose from at Please take a look! Our bento lunch box holds a lot of food!