BJ's Wholesale Club Organic Shopping Haul

3:47 PM

I have always been a Costco's kind of gal, maybe that's because that is where my family has shopped for years. The last few times at Costco's I've really didn't notice to much organic foods and I've heard BJ's carried a lot more organics. I decided it was time I go and check that place out, I had a free 60-day membership so I figured that would be the best time to go and take a peak. As you could imagine I was a little bit lost. HA

What caught my attention was the fact there was organic seasonings, yes you heard that right. I am in the process of switching my seasonings now. Let me just say the seasoning bottles are quit big and for one amazing price. I will definitely be going back to get every single organic seasoning that they carry. *giggles* I love the fact that I get buy in bulk it'll save so many store trips, I believe I will be shopping more here than any other store! 

Okay so many people think of the word expensive when it comes to organics and in some cases that is correct, but honestly I believe in quality which out rules the price. I have always been a bargain shopper and I buy when there are steals & deals! So onto the price I spent on this trip which came up to $158, when I seen that total come up I honestly could not believe it. That was simply amazing considering what I purchased.! Want a peak at what was purchased? Well below are pictures and prices where I normally get these products. 

I bought 2 of the 2lb organic bananas - $1.49 per pack. 
Case of Kefir - 10.99
Organic Potatoes - $4.99

Huge box of 6 regular sized boxes of Nature Path Pop tarts - $10.99
Natures Path peanut butter chocolate bars - $6.99
Natures Path 32 packs of oatmeal - $7.99

Organic Sugar - $3.99
Organic all purpose seasonings - $3.99
Organic sea salt - $3.99
Case of Annie's Homegrown man & cheese - $10.99
6 pack of organic quinoa & brown rice - $6.99

3 packs of Applegate bacon - $10.99
2 pack of Applegate turkey deli meat - 6.99
2 pack of Applegate provolone cheese - $6.99

Earth's Best Organic orange juice - $3.99
Eath's Best organic apple juice - $3.99
Case of Stonyfield Yo Kids - $3.69
2 half gallons of organic milk 6.98

3 pack of Perdue Chicken strips - $7.99
3 pack of Perdue chicken nuggets - $9.99
Earths bound keilbasa - $6.99
Perdue Italian seasoned cutlets - $9.99

Hansen's soda (had to try) - $7.99

Well there is my haul I want to let you know that just with the Nature's Path pop tarts alone I saved TONS of money them pop tarts per regular sized box is 4.99 so to get 6 of them for 10.99 I'd say that is one heck of a deal.!!! I will post more shopping trips and maybe you can get these organical deals too!!! 


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  1. I've never even heard of this store! We are a Costco family, but I'll check around to see if there are any in my area. Definitely need grocery deals!

  2. I love BJs. We don't have a Cosco near. So BJs is great.

  3. We always try to got for organic given a choice... even when it means getting a bit less for out money... at least we know we eat right

  4. I would love it if we had a BJ's around here. I think we'd have to travel pretty far but it might be worth it!

  5. I've heard a lot of great things about bj's but we dont have any anywhere near us.... -_- i know that sounded so inappropriate

  6. I had no idea they carried Nature's Path. My kiddos are addicted to Gorilla Munch.