Bare Fruit Review & Giveaway

5:00 AM

Bare Fruit apple chips are great tasting and great for you. These delicious snacks are made from Washington State apples and what's even better is that they are low in calories, fat free, full of fiber, and so good even  kids will love them. I was given the pleasure of trying Bare Fruit cinnamon apple chips to review and  they are absolutely delicious. 

As most of you already know I have switched to non-GMO and organic foods, so I have been trying all kinds of new things that I have never tried before. These Bare Fruit apple chips are organic. My daughter and I are major apple fanatics and the cinnamon makes them taste even more yummy.  They are crispy with a subtle sweet taste and a hint of cinnamon. MmmMMmmm 

It is very hard to have just one of these and to be quite honest this bag didn't last a day. My daughter absolutely loves these and I definitely have to get some, since she has requested to have them part of her school lunches. *giggles* 

Look at those crispy apple chips!

Perfectly sliced and baked to yummy deliciousness!

Very healthy guilt free snack!

Bare Fruits Giveaway: 
One case of apple chips, to one lucky reader!

The Bare Fruits Company is sponsoring a giveaway of one case apple chips. I will be hosting the giveaway and one of my lucky readers will be pick. The giveaway is only available within US continental. Starts on September 16, 2013 12am EST and ends on September 23, 2013 12am EST.

You may also follow them on social media through Facebook: Bare Fruit  and Twitter: Bare Fruit

Also if you'd like to learn some interesting fact about Bare Fruits Company or even make a purchase through their company visit their website at:


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  1. Yum! I love dehydrated fruit snacks and that's great it has a little bit of cinnamon.

  2. These look delicious I am a fan of dried fruit I have to say and these look right up my street :) x

  3. I love these! They really have a great taste and make a perfect, healthy snack!

  4. Those look really good! Thank you for sharing. :)

  5. Yummy! I love chips. This is a healthy snack.

  6. My daughter loves dried fruit! These would be perfect for her! (Facebook TJ Sims)

  7. Look yummy and kids adore them. I love all the apple products so this will be my snacking choice for sure.

    Fan R @TeddyOutReady