DIY: Father's Day Candy Card.

1:07 PM

This is a few days late, but the gift itself will be received even later. Happy Father's Day to all you amazing men out there. Our special one will not be receiving his Father's Day gifts until June 29th when he returns home safely from his military duties. Let's just say we have not spent a Father's Day together at all during our relationship.

I actually did this amazing-ness with my lovely sister Alyssa. Honestly you would think this DIY project was extremely simple, well maybe it is, but in our case it took a total of 3 hours just to find all of the supplies. ::giggles:: It seemed like we went on an extreme road trip trying to locate all this candy  and we even met some pretty awesome people along the way. That day though there were 2 things that stuck out to me the most along this journey. (Yes, I just called it a journey. hehehe) 

So one situation is the fact I have no clue how to put air in my car tires. HA it's okay you may laugh at me, so some kind gentleman filled my tires with air and I couldn't thank him enough for that. The second incident was a pretty amazing Rite Aid employee who was kind enough to give us a handful of whoppers so we didn't have to spend $13 on a giant bag of mixed candies just for whoppers.  Yes, I consider those two small things acts of kindness. 

I cannot tell you about my fiance's reaction to this because he has not seen this yet. I will do a follow up on this post when he returns home, to let you know. What I can say though is my sister's hubby loved it and I am very happy he did. 

BTW* My hand writing totally stinks; well to me.!!

What You Need:

Extra Gum - Orbit Gum - 100 Grand - Milky Way - York - Whoppers - Air Heads - Mounds - Almond Joy - KiKat - Rolo - Butterfinger - PayDay - Snickers - Now & Laters - Whatchamacallit's - Markers - Poster Board - Glue Dots - Pencil

Okay so I'm not talented when it comes to writing straight across without a line to guide me so I lightly made a line with pencil; which if I do again I will not be doing that. I tried to erase it but it let a yucky erase mark, even though you can't see in photo's it was definitely there. 

I lightly wrote the words on the poster board filling in the blanks with the candy that belonged in them spots. I didn't put the Glue Dots on yet. After everything was done I took the candy off and went over the words with a black marker so everything was readable. I signed the bottom from our kids and I also dated the back of the card because we have keepsake boxes and this will definitely be going in there. 

After all the writing part is done, I then used the Glue Dots to secure the candy onto the paper in its spots. Voila.! All done, so as stated above I will do a follow up post with my fiance's reactions. I'm sure if you do decide to make this, the person receiving this is going to love it; after all who doesn't like homemade gifts.


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  1. That's a very cute idea. :) It totally do it but my husband doesn't like candy! LOL

    1. At times I wish Drew wasn't such a candy fanatic it drives me insane. LOL

  2. What a great card! Good job Erica. Cheers from your newest follower!

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