30 Day Squat Challenge

Yep you read that right and I just started this yesterday. I will update you as much as I can with my progress and I will post pictures on rest days. Now for those of you who do not know what the 30-Day squat challenge is below will be a picture of the chart.

Okay so I looked at this chart and I was like OMGosh there is no possible way my out of shape a** is going to be able to do 50 squats.. LOL Well I completed it and then thought to myself HmmMMmm maybe I'm not as out of shape as I thought. YAY.

So I'm thinking I want to also throw something in with this challenge but since I'm still breast feeding I don't want to mess that up. Maybe, I can just do another challenge after that, I want to start jogging again so I definitely need to pull out my running shoes and get figure out this darn jogging stroller.. LOL

There is the 30-Day Squat Challenge if you want to take part of it that would be awesome I would love to hear your stories. I will be posting my starting picture next to my updated picture to see if there is a noticeable difference. I'm not really expecting anything out of this besides fun and to actually complete this. Now don't laugh at my picture I have gained a little more weight. (0.0)

DO NOT MIND the dirty mirror, well it's not dirty it just has smear marks all over it... plus it's Yani's mirror hahahahahahaha


  1. ok so I started this challenge too (Squat)
    I'm really out of shape! I've been doing only 40 squats for 3 days now since my legs have cramped up badly and I'm so soar I been walking funny for the past 2 days lol! I kinda revamped the squat challenge for myself so that I can still walk around Haha

    Anyway I'm resting once a week I start going up 5 intervals tomorrow and after the rest it changes to higher intervals. Maybe I'll do this one next month lol I have to pace myself.

    Do you stretch b4 you do these? Because I forgot to do so the past 2 days and I think this is why I'm so soar.

    Good Luck to you ;)


  2. Yeah I stretch before I do it. I learned m lesson some time ago when I didn't and walking was pure torture.. LOL

    Once I complete this challenge I have another challenge I am going to do. It's seriously tough but I really want to do it.