Random Thursday: My Christmas Wishlist

7:24 AM

Yep it's Random Thursday time. 

This weeks topic: My Christmas Wishlist..

Well this Christmas had been a little tough on us, we made sure our littles ones and family are taken care of as for us we are doing our pressies a little bit late. With that being said here is what I get to look forward to in January as some late but great Christmas pressies.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2
    I wanted to try out the iPhone and I did.. I must say I am so Team Android.!

Start to a new wardrobe since I'm losing all this pregnancy weight
    Yep, I do know that I'll never be back to pre-pregnancy weight and I'm happy with that, so I do want a new wardrobe to make this post partum bod of mine look absolutely adorable.

New Tattoo [start of my sleeve]
   I am addicted to ink and since my fiance and I made a deal when ever he gets ink'd I get ink'd we both are getting sleeves done... :P

Loads of Gift cards.. LOL
    UGH I cannot stress how much I love gift cards, I feel those are the easiest gifts to get EVER.!!!

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  1. You're definitely not alone in being 'team android'! My brother's an iPhone user & swears by it but not me. Nope.

    Dude, gift cards are the best. You dont have to worry about faking liking the gift cause you picked it out yourself :) Thanks for linking up.

  2. Okay, I love your list! LOL
    I hope you get a different phone. I mean, you use it every day, so I'm sure it can be so annoying.
    Love to see this tattoo when you get it. I'm addicted too. I have two lined up. LOL

  3. I need to make a wishlist lol
    Great list By the way!
    You just gave me a great Idea! My husband has been wanting a tattoo I should start deigning a few ideas for him as a gift to see if he likes and would tattoo it on himself!!

    1. Yeah that's what I did for Drew, he has been wanting to get a tattoo by this artist for a year and I'm waiting for the gift certificate in the mail so he can get his tattoo. :)

  4. I love gift cards. It is so much fun to go and search for some awesome stuff!