Random Thursday: My Bizarre Food Combos

6:19 AM

Yep it's Random Thursday time. 

This weeks topic: My Bizarre food combos

01. Popcorn with mustard
02. Funyons with slim jims
03. Ramon noodles with mixed veggies
04. Pop rocks with soda.. I like the fizziness but it's only once in a blue moon
05. Cheese doodles with chocolate pudding.. friend had me try it, tastes like coca puffs
06. Turkey sandwich with chips inside 
07. Hot brownie or cake in a bowl with a little milk added. 
08. Saltine crackers with nutella
09. A1 sauce with french fries
10. Hot white rice in milk with splenda..
11. White rice with over easy eggs mixed together.

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  1. Funyons and slim jims is actually sounding really yummy to my pregnant taste buds... ha ha!
    My husband puts anything and everything in his top ramen! Meat, cheese, sour cream, you name it and he's probably done it :)
    He also loves cake in a bowl with milk... for breakfast. But that pretty much only happens at birthday time :)