Meet Cocoa

3:28 PM

Well this little girl right here is Cocoa, she was found outside, down the street from my mothers house which is a really busy street. My sister was on her way to our mom's house after picking up her kids from school and found this little girl just hanging out near the curb. Luckily when she went to get the kitty she went right to her instead of running away. She had brought the kitty to my mom's house because it's safer for her to be inside that outside where she can get hurt.

She was a very skidish kitty and it was like she was just tossed out by whomever had her. As soon as I seen this pretty girl I was in love, so she came home with me and my daughter named her Cocoa. Let's just say "don't let the cute look fool you" she is a monster in disguise.. LOL We love her though, so she is apart of our family for good. 

Her first few days at her new home she was very scared, the only time she was seen was when it was time to eat. Which I figured would happen, the only thing about that was scary for me was the fact she would eat so much food she would end up vomiting. That kinda makes sense though seeing she was outdoors and didn't know when she was going to be able to eat again. 

Any who it took her awhile to adjust to being an indoor kitty and she is a great kitty. 

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  2. omggg, she's so adorable <3 good luck on getting her to socialise!

  3. I nominated you for the Liebster Award! For more details, check out my post at: