Random Thursday: My Winter Survival Items

6:17 AM

Yep it's Random Thursday time. 
I hope that you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving. :)

This weeks topic: My Winter Survival Items

01. My snuggle bunnies Yani & Jowell (kiddos)
02. Hot Cocoa; my fave is white hot chocolate YUM
03. Endless supply of chapstick
04. Scarves; have to be pretty cause I tend to leave them on all day
05. UGGs; I love them and if I can wear them in the summer I would
06. Knee/Thigh high socks.!! Don't judge me.. LOL
07. I always get new nail polish in the winter 
08. My neutral make-up duh... =)
09. Slacker & iHeart Radio is a must have.
10. Soup in a bread bowl. mmmMMMmmm

Oh yeah and can't forget my oven, it wouldn't be a great winter unless I'm going on a baking spree. 

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  1. I love knee high socks! They rock!

  2. Ive never had hot white chocolate but it sounds so delicious. Chap-stick is a must in my book too. My lips tend to get SO dry & cracked when it's cold out.

    Thanks for linking up!