Random Thursday: In My Hometown

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Yep it's Random Thursday time. 

HAPPY THANKSGIVING everyone I hope you have a great day filled with love and fun. 
This weeks topic: In My Hometown:

Well honestly I have no clue whether you would consider your hometown as where you currently reside or where you grew up... SooOOOoOOo I'm going to just say a little bit about both. :) :)

Where I grew up:
I grew up in a small kinda town Elmira I moved there from Manhattan NY when I was about 5. I would say that the town is pretty much known for the middle school Ernie Davis, he was a football player. It's crazy there is a movie out about him and I have yet to see it. I would say when I was growing up there it was a huge football kinda town. The clothing designer Tommy Hilfiger was born in Elmira; I used to be obsessed with his clothes when I was younger. That town was Mark Twain County, I remember always going to the Mark Twain study a lot when I was younger. There was so much to do in this town when I was younger so many activities to keep a kid busy; such as roller rinks, huge fields for sports, after school activities etc.

Where I reside now:
I currently live in Springfield which is in a complete different state.. Hehehehe Anyways there's really not much here. I honestly do really like it here there is just way too much chaos going on for me and I honestly cant wait to move. We have a Basketball Hall of Fame here, people seem to enjoy that a lot. We have a Dr. Seuss museum here also I have yet to go there though, but I heard it's pretty neat. My fave thing of all to attend is Bright nights; it's a park they completely decorate with Christmas lights and they do theme years. You drive your car through it very slowly with wonderful Christmas music on and just enjoy yourself; you can either go by car or horse & carriage either way its very fun. 

You know as I am sitting here doing this post I realize that the city I live in now has absolutely nothing to offer for kids. All the school activities that I once did when I was younger are not available here for kids. I remember doing music class and playing instruments doing concerts in school, in order to participate in that you have to find places that have music lessons and pay for it. Same with sports in Elementary school and Middle School there isn't any of that here and honestly that's the main reason why I dislike this city. I want my kids to grow up and experience the fun that I did with all those activities. Guess it's time to move.. YAY.!!

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  1. Hey!! Thank you so much for taking part in I Love My Post - I would love it if you came by and took part again this weekend :) I'm following you back and look forward to reading more.

    The places you have lived all some so much more fun than where I have lived :) x

  2. Hi erica!
    Thank you for the sweet comment. I am now following you as well. :)

  3. Dr. Seuss museum? Are you for real? That is amazing! I would also be in that park for the horse and carriage rides every single day. No joke.

    Too bad about the activities - I feel like there's a lot less for kids these days wherever you are. Here kids have to pay to be part of sports teams in school now, apparently. The town you grew up in sounds like an amazing place to be a kid!

    Thanks for linking up with us!