Random Thursday: 5 things I use everyday

8:53 AM

I have signed up for Random Thursday this is my first 
post for this so I hope you all like it. 

This weeks topic: 5 Things I Use Everyday:

1. PS3 - Without this fabulous technology my little diva wouldn't be able to watch Brave every single day. OAnyone want to save me from this movie??? LOL

2. Infantino Baby Carrier - Yep, my little guy is such a momma's boy, that he mainly sleeps to his momma's heartbeat. So different from my diva but I love him lots. :)

3. Cell Phone - Oh my I would be so very lost without this thing. I use it for photo's, instagram, emails, banking, facebook, sudoku etc....

4. Hair Brush - You read that right, my daughter & I absolutely cannot leave our house without hair being tamed, without this we would look like wilda-beasts. 

5. Bewb - (Pronounced boob) My youngest is a 1 month old little bewbie monster so of course with these babies I feed my little guy.

By the way this was not as easy as you think it was to name 5 things I use everyday because I had so many things to choose from. I just decided to go with the ones that first popped into my head, cause the list can honestly go on. LOL

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  1. Oh, I like the 3 little brothers in Brave!

  2. I had a hard time figuring out what 5 things too!
    And I've been there on the bewbs - so I feel you on the constant source of bewbie monsterdom!

  3. I have yet to watch Brave but heard it's super cute. Although, I'm guessing you're pretty much over it after having to see it so many times haha.

    The other day I left the house without my cell phone & felt like I forgot to put on underwear. It's kinda pathetic how attached I am to it but I blame all you awesome fellow bloggers :) Thanks for linking up with us, hope you keep joining us!