Oh My Chocolate

8:14 AM

Those of you who know me pretty much know how I like to make random creations. LOL 
One bored night I was just thinking of something extra chocolatey to make and BAM it hit me I wanted brownies. 

I took some brownie mix and mixed it as to how the box instructed me, I buttered my pan and laid down kit kat bars all over the bottom of the pan. I then poured the brownie batter over top of it then covered the top with marshmallows. I cooked it as to how the box instructed also, so it was very simple to make. I like to add a variety of things to make my goodies taste different. 

Any who once it was all done I let it cool down just enough to cut and then I took a s'more pudding cup and placed it on top of my brownie piece. Let's just say I was in complete chocolate heaven with this creation. I honestly can't wait to make it again. 

What kind of creations have you made I would love to hear.!!

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