My little loves

11:23 AM

Honestly I cannot begin to explain how truly blessed I am to have such amazing little ones in my life. I enjoy waking up to their presence every single day. It definitely has taken me and still is taking me sometime to adjust with my little guy here. I'm not even sure I should be saying little because he actually is big.. LOL This photo was taken today, my beautiful little girl is 4 and my handsome little [big] guy is 3 weeks. I'm sure you're thinking no way but yes I swear he is 3 weeks.

My beautiful little girl Yanicelis (pronounced Jshon-uh-celly) is quite the handful, she is smart, sassy, insanely hilarious, with an oh so stank attitude. I guess you can say she takes after her mommy. (0.o) I can truly say she has taught me so much and she still teaches me things everyday. Seriously I don't know what I would do without her, I would be lost she brings the life to the party I guess you can say.!

My handsome little big guy Jowell (pronounced exactly how its spelled Jo-Well) is definitely a momma's boy I guess you can say that's my fault. LOL He is such a happy baby with quite a silly side to him, he loves copying the silly faces I make. When I look at him I see his sister when she was a baby the only difference is that he is chunky. I can truly say that hen he came into my life my heart officially feels complete.!

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  1. Your babies are just beautiful! Yani is such a great big sister already!
    You know as a parent you can't even imagine not having them in your life. ♥ They are amazing blessings.