Goody Spin Pins

6:43 AM

Well this is the first product that I have tested out of my oh so fabulous Influenster Beauty Vox Box. This is what is called Spin Pins by Goody. ♥

I tried this out on my hair I couldn't take pictures of the back of my hair so I ended up trying it out on my diva's here so I can take pictures of the end result. I ended up doing dutch braid headband then just decided to put all of her hair up. We are HUGE fans of sloppy buns and sloppy ponytails. So with the remaining hair that was down I rolled it into a sloppy bun and used the Spin Pins by Goody to hold the bun into place.

Now my daughter is very rambunctious and she is literally all over the place, I was very shocked and pleased to see that this product held up in her hair. I used to use bobby pins and those wouldn't hold at all with her running around and playing. I'm super happy and I definitely need to buy another set so her & I both have a pair to ourselves. 

Let's just say I told so many people about Goody Spin Pins already and I will keep spreading the word about this amazing product. I honestly cannot wait to try new hairstyles with these Spin Pins when I try more styles, I will definitely be posting more pictures. 

Thank you Influesnter.!

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