Coffee Talk: Habits & Pet Peeve's

10:15 AM

This week on Coffee Talk; Habits & Pet Peeve's

What is your worst habit?
I would honestly say cussing, (0_0) yes, I know, I wish I could just stop and believe me I have tried but when I get upset it's like the sailor mouth just kicks right in. Uh Oh..

What is your biggest pet peeve? (no, not biggest pet! LOL) 
Hmmmm do I really have to choose one. So chewing with mouth full, chomping like a pig, dirty nails, when parents are dressed better than their kids, and hypocrites. >.<

What is annoying you right this very minute? 
The fact that my fiance is getting screwed over and he's not saying anything, but when it comes to his gadgets he will hurry up and get that straightened out... UGH guy's I swear (0.o)

How do you relieve stress? 
I know it may sound dumb or whatever but honestly I just think of something random to quickly take my mind off of things and I just make a huge joke about things while acting extremely goofy.

What TRULY makes you happy?
For awhile it was just my diva, but now it's her & my prince. They always seem to know how to put a gigantic smile on my face.

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