Bath & Body Works: Mini Candle

11:16 AM

Well this is the fourth product that I have tested out of my oh so fabulous Influenster Beauty Vox Box. This is what's called  Black Pepper Bergamot by Bath & Body Works. ♥

Okay so when I read what scent this candle was to be honest I thought to myself "really, a pepper scented candle...."  I was very nervous to smell it, in case I started sneezing or something.. LOL #just kidding So anywho to my surprise I smelled the candle and I swear it reminds me of men's cologne I seriously LOVE the smell of it, very clean. 

I did have a few other people smell the candle to get their opinion on the smell and they said the same thing. It's pretty neat that black pepper can smell like cologne I never would've expected that. I would definitely buy this scent from Bath & Body Works I am obsessed with that place. I love all the variety of scents they have.

Thank you Influesnter.!

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