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Yep, you got that right this post is all about one amazing site called Influesnter. I have been a member of this site May of this year, I didn't know what it was all about. I actually signed up because my sister and a few friends were telling me about it. I received my first box and I must say I was pretty shocked when I opened it. So let me get on to explaining this to ya. :) 

Influesnter is a free site where you can take short fast survey's to unlock some badges which may get you qualified for a box of free samples. If you are qualified after you receive your box of samples you then write a review on the products, which will help you qualify for even more boxes of free samples.

Did I mention that Influenster is FREE.!! 
FREE to sign up &
FREE box of samples
Yep, you read it right I said FREE.!!!

The box of samples are known as a VoxBox.

If you like to blog or start blogging then Influenster is definitely the place to be. So what are you waiting for join in on this amazing-ness.

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