Friendships Never End. =]

12:37 AM

I have met tons and tons of people in my life but, there are those certain few that I still communicate with and thats pretty much how I like it. I can count my friends on ONE hand yes I said one hand, cause all the rest I consider acquaintances. There is not on person who's perfect and there is not one friendship that is perfect. To me a friend is someone you can always count on whether its to cheer you up, vent to, goof around with, tell your secrets too, sharing every moment you possibly could spend with them. I consider them very close friends like my family shit basically they are sisters or brothers from another mother.! LOL I have had my fair share of chaos with my closest friends hell we even went without talking for literally MONTHS to a YEAR and when we do talk again its like we pick up where we left. Now if you can honestly do that, well then that person is a true damn friend, no matter what the situation was when you stopped talking. I'd do anything for my friends well within reason since I'm a mother now.. LOL 
I think that I would be completely LOST without my closest friends and for awhile there I kind of was when we went through the phase of not talking to each other.  Each of my closest friends are different from each other but, all connect with me in similar ways. I just have the perfectly unperfect life and they all except me for who I am they don't try to change me, they all look out for me. I do the same for them and thats what friendship is. I couldn't post my BFF's picture but I will sat R.I.P Russell you are deeply missed and I will NEVER forget you.! <3 

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