Carry My Heart

1:06 PM

November of 2007 I had conceived something so beautiful and I new from that moment on my life would completely change. I would say my pregnancy was pretty normal until I had gotten into a car accident a few months before my due date. Thankfully the car accident wasn't horrible but, I guess I had stressed myself out beyond belief over it. My blood pressure had went sky high and it wasn't going down and since it was that high for so long it caused me to have preeclampsia. I was so nervous and scared since my due date was a few months away and to go into the Dr.'s office to find out the EXACT day I was having her scared me even more. 

My due date was August 17th then it went to August 8th of 2008. I found out they had to induce my labor July 23rd UmmMMMmm scared out of my mind much. [YES I was] Yayyy I made it to my baby shower LOL but, after it I was scheduled to have my baby girl. I FINALLY got to see my Yanicelis July 24th, 2008 she was 5 1/2 lbs and 19 3/4 in. long. That was the happiest day of my life. I'm very thankful for my sister and mother being there for me, especially my mom I couldn't have done it without her.!! 

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